House of Bagels in
San Luis Obispo, CA
is the best bagel on the Central Coast.

House of Bagels is one of the last bagel shops that bake fresh water bagels daily. We use a traditional process and ingredients that never compromises on quality and authenticity.  Our bagels are delicious and we have many different varieties to choose from.

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House of Bagels Central Coast is a locally owned and operated bagel establishment!

Our Bagel Making Process

Many bagel shops have moved to what is called “steam and bake” as a way of producing more bagels in a shorter time and at a substantially lower cost. Steaming is just not the same as boiling a bagel.  Boiled bagels have a more defined and chewy crust, are smaller in size, but not weight, and because they are handled more in the process the bagel is not uniform in size and shape. This adds to the uniqueness of the bagel and allows the baker to adjust each batch depending on temperature, humidity, and density of the dough.  Every bagel is personally made to our high standards of quality.

Bagel up where ever you are!

We hope you enjoy our bagels.  We have a passion for these little wonders made fresh daily for you on the central coast.  You can get our bagels at our store in San Luis Obispo and at 11 other locations in the area.  The next time you see a bagel in your favorite deli or coffee shop, ask if it is a House of Bagels Central Coast bagel.  In most cases it is one of ours, so know you will be getting the same freshly baked bagels you would get in one of our stores. In addition to bagels we also offer fresh baked goods, bagel pizzas, locally roasted coffee, specialty salads, an entire line of fruit smoothies, iced teas and coffees.

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The Customer Comes First at House of Bagels!

Tommy O
San Luis Obispo, California
Level 5 Contributer
 78 Reviews
"Mighty fine bagels"
Reviewed June 29, 2016
In San Luis Obispo, the bagels at House of Bagels might well be the best in SLO town. They are much like the great ones we used to get at Canters in Los Angeles.
Culver City, CA
21 Friends
 35 Reviews
This is some of the best bagel/bread I've ever had.  Awesome sandwiches and super friendly people. Highly Recommend!

Let's give them an extra star for not being affiliated with a chain restaurant.  It's nice to see that some mom and pop shops are still around.

Here's what we had:

-pretzel bagel thing with beer cheese dip
-jalepeno bagel (raw)
-italian sub
-italian sub as a lettuce wrap

Everything was great---Ill def go back again.
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Local Favorites

These are our specialty Bagels & Sandwiches that no one can resist!

BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Thick Cut BBQ Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Cole Slaw.

California Turkey Panini

This is our House favorite Panini! Grilled on sourdough we fill this sandwich with roasted turkey breast, bacon, provolone cheese, avocado and mayo.

Vegetarian Sandwich

Plain Schmear, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions and cucumbers. Mix up the taste with a flavored schmear.

Chicken Caprese

Our caprese is amazingly portable and full of flavor. A lunch favorite!

Rustic Roast Beef

This Ciabatta sandwich will have you questioning life itself. Warmed roast beef with melted pepper jack, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. Then you will know the reason you began to crave a sandwich.

BLT on a Pretzel

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes.
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HOB News

Carb-gasm, with a twist: New House of Bagel pretzels to get a dunk of Oktoberfest love this Oct. 1

The following article was posted on September 14th, 2016, in the New Times - Volume 31, Issue 8

“The Dutch figured out that if you bathed your bread in a lye solution, it would get a harder, darker crust, but you wouldn’t have to bake it as long, keeping the center soft,” Prowse says. “It took me about a year to develop the pretzel process, and I use some of the very same elements we use to make our bagels.” The bagel-to-pretzel idea came earlier this year as a way to offer more variety to customers without raising cost (you can soon get your favorite bagel flavors like jalapeño cheese or cinnamon raisin as soft pretzels, and if that doesn’t give you instant munchies, I don’t know what will). Lately, however, Prowse has been laser focused on creating the perfect plain pretzel. I watch as he gleefully takes the pretzels for a spin in his trusty industrial bagel oven, then tops the mounds with fat specks of salt. Made fresh, this pretzel is the epitome of a carb-gasm...

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